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News 1

Kerala government to create and promote 'Kerala coir' brand

India exported coir products worth Rs 2,281 crore last year, with the bulk of it coming for Kerala, the largest producer of coir in the country.

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News 2

India will earn Rs 1,000 crore foreign exchange by coir peat export

Coir industry is a women-oriented industry and production and processing of coir yarn and products is practised in the households of Kerala, Balachandran said.

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News 3

Coir sector rakes over Rs 1,300 crore from export till January 31

The sector saw a boost in the ongoing financial despite a global recession, Coir Board Chairman C P Radhakrishnan said.

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News 4

Kerala’s product diversification, modernization give India’s coir industry the winning touch

The finer details of the spread might create the best mats the world has ever seen and could change the character of the coir industry in the coming years.

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