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Product Info:

Coir fiber is extracted out of coconut husk and it is graded depending on the process. Usually, Mattress fiber, Mixed fiber, Omat fiber, and Bristle fiber are some of the common grades.

This extract is dried in order to maintain moisture level and go through the quality control to maintain the impurities and other particles. Finally, the fiber is compressed into bales with plastic strapping to maximize the loadability. Usually, each bale would weigh approximately 125 - 150 KG and the loadability will not be less than 18MT in a 40 HC container.

Highly used,

  • To manufacture sleeping mattresses
  • To produce car seats and upholstery industry
  • To produce erosion control products
  • To produce yarns and ropes
  • Use in sound and heats resistance applications
  • Other industrial applications


  • Production Capacity :12 Mt tones/Day
  • Bale Weight :105 +/- 5 kgs.
  • Loadability of 40Hc:200 bales
  • Moisture :< 15%
  • Colour :Brown /white/Discolor
  • Impurities :<5%
  • Length :7-10cm 20% | 10-25cm 80%
  • Packing :Steel Strap